Monday, December 05, 2005

More Lightning Photos!

I managed to capture another lighting photo with my Olympus 5050 this early morning.

It was a lucky shot cos I was still trying to figure out the controls and angle when I press the button to snap the pic. That kinda explain why the frame was so out and the lights below kinda blurred. But still, I was pretty happy that I managed to get bits of the lightning for what I thought was my second successful lightning photo.

~the blur bright spot on my 5050 lcd that didn't indicate anything special~

What I didn’t realize was that on the day I managed to capture my first lightning picture with Razr, my 5050 also managed to capture 2 lightning photos. I only found out when I was transferring photos taken at today “Perhaps Love” Gala Red Carpet onto my computer. Had to do a little contrasting and lighting editing with my photo studio to see it better.

And to think I almost deleted it away because I thought I only caught a sky of bright white lights.

Hehehe glad it’s the lightning seasons cos there will be 3 more days of lightning

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