Thursday, December 08, 2005

Acid Bar and other stuff that fried my brains

Met up with good old cutie petite Eliza today. It’s been about 10 years since we last met each other and lucky I happen to bump into her at the National Library recently.

Lots of catching up to do but mainly it was about Lester (her “pedophile” admirer), her “Wild Days” during JC (I just realized I am the only one that don’t have “Wild Days” during my youth) and the awful craps I told her before.

The thing that fried my brains (beside alcohol) was when she shared with me her Israel mission trip, gave me a new perspective on Jews, Nazi, the Crusades and God. Most importantly was the passion that she had for helping the Jews that I felt was pretty noble and incredible.

Anyway someone once asked me, what my passion in life. I can never really answer that question. When I saw the passion that Eliza has in her eyes when she was sharing her mission trip, I can’t help feeling envious and jealous.

It’s good to have a passion even if it’s difficult and potentially dangerous. Somehow her life is so much more enrich & wonderful than mine. Kinda wonder, Had I wasted my past 10 years?

All that and it was my first time down at Acid Bar, should have embrace my “wild days” during my youth and now I just hope it’s not too late to try.

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