Friday, December 09, 2005

First Dvd Purchase - Part 4 - The long Distance Call

After 3 Emails, more than 10 working days and following the advice from another "victim" from xtreme forum, I made a long distance call to DDD regarding the wrong Dvd that was send to me.

I even call ICC up this afternoon to check if there will be any extra charges from USA toll free number becos I received a recorded msg that mention something about International Charges when I tired calling them yesterday. Turn out that msg was just to inform me that it won't be Toll Free for me cos I am calling from Singapore... (yeah I am a Cheapo!)

Anyway within 6 mins of waiting and explaining to the operator at DDD customer service, I believe the matter had been settled. They will be sending me the right Dvd, "Swimming with Sharks" to me (which will reach me in 10 to 20 working days). They also mention something about charging to my credit first but the bottom line is that I won't have to pay for the Dvd.

HOORAY ! now I gotto look for someone who wanna buy my Herbie Full Loaded Dvd : )

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