Saturday, December 10, 2005

“Be our guest” or “We are deaf”?

Today is my poly’s friends Brian and Vivian‘s wedding. They are the third couple from my first year poly class that met, started dating and finally tied the knots.

When the first dish was served, they played this song that got this chorus going “Be our Guest, Be our Guest, be Our Guest” (I was told later that it was a song in “Beauty and the Beast” sang by a candlestick and not “The Little Mermaid” or any prawns that sang it).

But the song was played so loud that I thought they were singing, “We are Deaf!” and we all had a good laugh about that.

Everything else was great… Specially meeting folks like Gary Goh and his wife who I haven’t met for about 6 years. Gary even reminded how bad he felt when he sprained my neck once during poly (which I couldn’t remember at all) and got to see senseh to fix my problem. He even paid $50 dollars for it which I thought was too much, hehehe $25 should be enough. It’s was fun being reminded of amusing stuffs that happened in the past even thought I don’t have any recollection of it anymore (must be Amnesia)

Sherman and Ivy got a little baby girl liao and they name her Shevonne (Don’t Know if that the right spelling but I was told that it’s a combination of SHERman and Yvonne). I asked them why not name the kid Shervy instead?

Yun Feng came with his gf and kanna drill by me when, where and why (when did they get together, where did they met and why he took so long before their relationship started ~ they knew each other for 5 years and only started their relationship 1 year ago)

Charlene came alone cos her hubby is outstation in Shanghai now. She claimed that she is not worried about her hubby alone in Shanghai but really feel like advising her to go spotcheck on him. Anyway I haven’t chat with her for a long time liao and its pretty fun tag teaming with my perfume networking kaki to Q&A/ Kapoh~ing Yeow Lin’s his past & recent BGR problem.

Anyway all good banquets had to come to an end ~ sigh this dinner really make me miss the time we had during our first year in Poly and all those overnight mahjong session

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