Friday, November 25, 2005

My First Lightning pic and others tat I'm proud off

Been on a Shooting Spree again with my Razr and there are three pictures that I am pretty proud off.
hey hey hey Got my First Lightning at 6am in the morning ! Got it with my HP (was not able to do so with my digital camera as there was too much lag time). Not exactly the best Lightning pic around but it's my first and I am damn proud of it!

Was walking back from Shaw Lido and saw this bus ad outside HMV. I don't know who the model is or what they are selling But this gal and her pose got that alluring charm that I found it hard to resist. Currently my HP wallpaper.

MY DEATHSTAR!!! I was walking pass CK TANG and saw their fixtures for Christmas. Using my HP, I took one of their decorative at a strange angle and the result was pretty good. Take a guess when you pass by CK TANG and see if you are able to guess where was this picture taken?

1 comment:

Blitz said...

I like the last deathstar pic! Ha ha

Although that lightning shot is hard to come by....great try!