Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Should I change to iMac G5?

Been a PC user all my life but now I am considering of changing to iMac. My PC's getting Old and Laggy nowadays and can't really support the programs that i want to run on my computer

iMac G5 look pretty slick (going to clear up my room and would need the extra space taken up by my cpu) and lots of goodies that I wanna play with (such as GarageBand~ make my own music, iMovie & iDVD ~ to "make" my own movie)

Another + point would be that they allow installments, so I don't need to worry about paying one lump sum at one go.

Currently Eyeing at the iMac G5 with 20-inch... but need more reasons than what I have now to convert and make the purchase ($$$ ah)


Stefan S said...

i am also tempted to switch to a Mac, since I'm still using a PII-300MHz 64MB RAM, 6GB HDD machine :P

Blitz said...

If you dun play much PC games and mostly need a PC for multimedia purposes, a Mac will really be useful.

Wei farted out loud@ said...

what prgm can it not support? or do u mean porn