Thursday, December 01, 2005

or should i get the Mac Mini instead ?

Went to the Apple Centre to check on the Installments and it's not so enticing anymore.

7% per year : that work out to be about $200 dollars on top per year
or 3.6% per year with credit card.

After talking to Dgital, i am changing my focus to Mac Mini : ) cost abt 1K and all I need is a Monitor, Mouse n Keyboard.

It's either that or build one on my own ... anyone care to help ?

maSSb> same boat dude : )

blitz > do u think it's possible to build my own pc, matching Mac's functions at a cheaper price ?

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Blitz said...

Yoz... :)

Ok you can build quite a high end CPU (PC not Mac) for around less than $1,300 with a decent video card and 1GB RAM.

However, according to my Mac friends, Mac is still more stable and suitable for multimedia than PC which I think lies with the stability of the O/S, software ba. I'm not a Mac user so I can't give much comments on this though :)