Monday, November 28, 2005

Arrival of My First online Dvd Purchase !

I got this nagging feeling the whole day since I woke up this morning that I will be receiving my DVD package today. I was quite disappointed when my Dad told me that there was nothing in the letter box for me and no postman came knocking on my door.

In the late evening, when I was going to the kitchen for a drink, I overheard my Mom asking my Dad how did the Postman stuff the Box into the LetterBox.

Immediately I knew IT"S HERE ! My first online DVD purchase had arrived !

My first reaction when I saw the DVD package was "OH NO". The dent on the box looked pretty bad and I was worried that my DVDs inside would be crushed or damaged.

And then I wonder how did the Postman stuff the Box into the Letterbox.

and then I wonder who should I look for if the DVDs inside are really damaged.

When I opened up the package, it turn out that it was only the area that was stuffed with waste paper that got dented. The Dvds inside were all fine and dandy. When I took the DVDs out, I realized that there was a DVD that extremely white. (the only DVD that I Ordered that was white was The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and it hasn't been shipped yet). It turned out to be Herbie Fully Loaded DVD which I didn't order. I was pretty happy and thought that I got a Freebie (I actually thought the Movie was so bad that the company that sold me the DVDs was giving out that Dvd to their first time buyer = me).

Initially I thought my new Dvds collection will be in mint conditions (I am very particular about that) since it was quite well packed.

The most heartbreaking event occurred when I was opening the plastic wrappers.
Two of the Dvds (Vanilla Sky & The Shawshank Redemption) with security tape at the Dvd's bottom got attached to the cover. As hard (and slowly) as I tried, some bits of the cover still came off with the tape. URGH! The same thing happened with my The Usual Suspects Dvd last year. That really spoiled the fun of opening my Dvds and now my Dvds are not so Mint Liao. Gotto look for the DVD covers and print my own replacement covers.
The Next shocking bit came when I
was having Dinner with my Family. Out of the sudden, I thought of Hollywood and Agents, I realized something was very Wrong! my "Swimming with Sharks" was not in the package! It was then I realized that DeepDiscountDvds actually shipped Herbie instead of Sharks ! Double URGH for the Day !

I quickly send them an email and hope that they will be able to resolve this problem without me sending Herbie back (It's not that I want this DVD but kinda troublesome for me) .

Even tho there were couple of hiccups, I was still pretty happy with the whole online dvd purchase experience. I ordered the Dvds on the 15 Nov, shipped on the 18th of Nov and reach me on the 28th of Nov.

Less than 10 working days for the items to reach me and the total cost for this DVDs are so much cheaper than those sold in Retail Stores in Singapore, I think I will be getting more Dvds online from now on. Can't wait till the next sale (which should be June 2006)

(Sidetrack Info: Most retail stores here carry Canadian R1 Dvds instead of US R1 Dvds which I suspect are the cheaper bunch + I hate French Wordings on the covers of any English Movie. The last time I check, a "Doggie" retail store carry Star Wars 3 US R1 Dvd for $50 +! what a Rip off ! I only spend $24 (inclusive of shipping) to purchase that Dvd online.)

While the Saga continue (still got 2 DVds that had not been shipped to me), Excuse me while I am off to enjoy those movies that I love and the extra that I been waiting to see.


Stefan S said...

u not happy with lindsey luohan is it? lol

Blitz said...

How did the postman stuff that thing into ur letterbox?!?!

dgital said...

Walau..i see you buy dvds, just makes me wanna go buy some for myself.

Stefan S said...

I can't afford DVDs!!!

richardlimjr said...

maSSb > haha I dont like movies that gone thru digitalize reduction

blitz> Might be that the postman open the package, took the dvds out, fold the box and slip it into the letter box. Then use 2 pinchers to open the box up, put each dvd in at one time and then use back the tape (apply some new glue) to tape the package up

OR my letterbox small little mouth actually opens up to a universe of storage space : )

hahaha i really got no idea , I saw a postman today at my place, stuffing letters and really felt like asking him how did the package gone in the first place.

dgital > hahaha save up ur monthly purchases for next JUNE LAH ! we share buy ! but better dont buy too many DVDs cos HD-Bluray coming soon : )