Monday, October 03, 2005

Repair & Refund

Repair : there was indeed problems with Razr's Voice Box after. Right after I got the HP, I thought the Ringtones sounded weird. Sound somewhat like a monotone ... heck my old Nokia sound even better. anyway bought it down for a check up n my suspicion was confirm. Will be able to pick up tomorrow : )

at least got time for me now to transfer my contacts from my old hp

Refund : thought there were problems with the Korean Tv Serial DVD "FULL HOUSE" and bought it back to Carefour. It seems to be working fine with their dvd player and their fingers were pointed at my DVD PLAYER (HOW DARE THEY!). WHY CANT it be the LOUSY DVD quality?

Anyway they were nice enough to Offer a refund which I took, thinking it was a good deal since the DVDs were already watched but SIGH the problems that would to be occur later ...

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