Sunday, October 02, 2005

on our way back (the petrol kiosk story and other incidents)

The loitering Kid:

Was at SPC just now at around 12.07am, while giving my Sunny it's first Drink, I saw this little kid hanging around suspiciously. Why would a kid who like look he is only primary 1 loitering around a petrol kiosk at around midnight without any adult supervision?

We went into make payment and while waiting for the petrol to be filled up, we did a little shopping and wanted to satisfy thy itchy mouth. This kid came in and went to the cashier. I thought he went to make payment for whatever stuff he wanted to purchase so I didn’t really give much notice to it.

When I was making payment for the petrol n other munchies, this kid made his way out of the shop.

Suddenly, the petrol assistant stopped him and pulls this little kid back to the cashier. We were pretty stunned by what was going on and then we realized we just witnessed for the first time that someone got caught red handed for shoplifting.

And what did he shoplift? A stick of polo.

The cashier gave him a warning and let him go. I don’t know if it's just me but i think I saw that glare in his eyes and I don't think he actually learn anything from the whole event. Instead of being sorry, I think he was angry that he was caught. I felt that the police should be notify and scared him a bit ... otherwise we can expect more from this kid, if not any time soon, it will be later and might be even more worse than shop lifting a stick of polo.

Shoes and more Shoes:

Just before leaving my place, my gf pointed out to me the number of her shoes that was lay out in front of me. And the number of shoes she has at my place was more than the number of shoes I own now. Girls and their shoes: don’t think I can ever understand why the need to get so many shoes.

i-Dragon (Energy Drink):

Saw an advertisement on the above mention drink. Not exactly a good advertisement but I thought the packaging was pretty neat. So while I was waiting for the petrol to be filled up, I saw this drink ($2) and decided to give it a try.

Verdict: I don’t think I will want to try it again.

oh What a Night : )

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