Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Repair Part 2

Went back to MotoServiceOne to pick up my HP and the voice box still sound the same. Was worried for a moment that how the HP will sound like. But Heng ah, the guy serving me knew something was wrong too "almost immediately" and took the HP back for more checking.

At that moment, I was already late in meeting up with the rest for dinner and time is running out for the 7pm movie. Can’t believe that they took it back again! What did they do with my HP the whole time it was with them? Chuck aside until I come back to collect it? It’s already clearly stated that there something wrong with the Speaker box liao. Not impressed with their standard of service.

Anyway cranky and hungry, I went for a quick chomp chomp and rush back to see what wrong with my hp. It turned out there some permanent problem with it and they need to give me a new HP instead. Collection is this weekend.

I also noticed that there are a few of Razr HP being sent for repair while I was waiting to collect. Sigh I Wonder why this HP is rated no.1? Could the reward be "Self Served"?

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