Friday, September 28, 2012

My first batch of snow skin mooncake

Love Snowskin mooncake n been wanting to make them. This year ifinally did it. follow online recipe plus try and error ...

I had problem with sticky snow skin at one point and was ready to throw them away ... then I went back to read the recipe and realized I need to use a lot of flour to prevent it from sticking :) ....

anyway the sticky snow skin was quite yummy ... was busy eating them while trying to figure out how to make it unsticky

Look how uneven they are. The first one was a failure n I end up mixing the paste n skin together. That why the lotus paste appears on top.

The second one had too much skin n it spill over the base. But as I go on ... it became better ... until the 6th one which I finally dare to try the big mould.

Left them to chill in the fridge ... still haven't try them yet .... hope the end result taste as good as the sticky skin

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