Monday, March 02, 2009

Victor's Kitchen @ Sunshine Plaza

My Fave Dim Sum joint in SG and since it's my Dad's birthday, I brought them to makan here... and here some of the stuff that we had ...

King Prawn Kar Gao

The first time I came into Victor's Kitchen, I was amused by the way they name their Har Gao ... but the prawn inside pretty big so the title of King Prawn didn't felt that inappropriate. One of my must order dish for dim sum and so far I haven't been let down in Victor's

Zar Leong

just added pic on 12 Mar 09

Another dish that is a must when I am having Dim Sum ... ever since my friend introduced me to this dish back in Perth, I would ask for it whenever I'm having Dim Sum ... basically it is Yu Tiao with Cheong Fun wrapped around it ... It's not served at all Dim Sum makan place so I am quite glad they have it here ... tho the standard had gone up n down before

Oyster Sauce Char Siew Bao

Sound like very premium Char Siew Bao isn't it ? haha well the good thing here is that it isn't priced like that... but the downside of this dish is that there's too much bao and too little sauce ..

Carrot Cake

Doesn't look like the carrot cake that you normally have right? Well the boss told me that this is Hong Kong style carrot cake ... and there a special dipping sauce which he is very proud to promote ... the thing is that the premium sauce is too spicy for me ...

Queen Siew Mai

With a dish called King Prawn Har Gao ... you need a Queen to accompany and what's better than the usual companion dish for Har Gao? the Siew Mai ... Nothing much to exclaim about except it's name

Quill Eggs Siew Mai
just added pix on 12 Mar
If I didn't remember it wrongly, the boss told me that he invented this dish to keep his kids happy... Don't recall seeing this elsewhere so give it a try when you are there ...

Custard Buns
Another signature dish from Victor's ... it's so good that even Andrew digs it ...

very yummy custard paste inside ... must try when you are there : )

HK Summer Tea
Not sure how is it different from the normal Sid Mud Milk Tea but I thought it was rather innovate to put the ice outside of the drink... in that way, the tea stays cool but not diluted as the ice melts into the tea

Double Boiled Almond Pudding

One of their signature dish / dessert in Victor's ... very soft, creamy n yummy ... the Almond flavour is pretty sweet so if you prefer something not that sweet, get the Double Boiled Ginger ... Got to wait a while for this cos I suspect they do the boiling only when you order ... not pre make ones ... one of the must try dish in Victor's

Just added: Fried Wanton

Another fave of mine ... the ultra crispy Wanton skin plus the sour sweet sauce ..


mei said...

just ate there too last weekend!

richardlimjr said...

: ) did u enjoyed it ?? I should be going back there next week