Saturday, February 28, 2009

sooo I was challenged

Was at Changi Airport Terminal 3 with a bunch of my Poly friends and was somehow being forced to step up on a weighting machine for luggage ... to my shocking discovery ... I put on 4-5 kg more than last year weight in at my Aunt's digital weighting scale

felt rather sian abt it as I just started jogging n swimming ... then my friend challenged me to "Lose 10Kg in 3 Months!" Bet and the Bet is for S$100 .

Well I did a quick mental sum of weight lost based on my 2008 experience and felt that it is possible to do it ... and I took the bet on.

Later on, we spoke about food and i was going to plan to organise some makan session ... upon hearing that, my friend decided to raise the bet to S$150 ... well couldn't believe that someone want to give me so much money and I agreed to the increase and went on to discuss about the upcoming makan session ... talked abt what food I liked ... upon hearing that ... she raised the bet to S$200!!!

sooooo now officially, I stand to lose S$200 bucks if I don't lose 10Kg in 3 months time ... this marks the first time I am taking on such a big bet on my personal physical endeavour ...

I was still feeling good about it until people start telling me that it is impossible to lose so much weight within that span of time ... the first person even told me that it's only possible to lose about 2kg of fats in one month time .... the rest are just water loss ...

well I'm still hyped about doing this and let's see the result on 1st June : )

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