Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Songs from the Fat Man Movie

Starting from this year, the Recent Japanese films that's making it to our shores have been sweeping me off my feet. It got started from Oscar winning Departures おくりびと and it was followed closely by the brainy Suspect X 容疑者Xの献身. The upcoming School Days with a Pig ブタがいた教室 and Handsome Suit ハンサム★スーツ had also mesmerise me in their very own sweet ways!

But this post is about the songs from the Fat man Movie and Handsome Suit was as expected, formulaic and generic but it's making me laugh out loud and endear itself to me in ways that I couldn't expect. There are two songs that got stuck in my ears and they are

Misato Watanabe 渡辺美里 - My Revolution

The theme song for this comedy ... does what Journey's Separate Ways did for Yes Man. Like what the song could be suggesting (not exactly sure cos there only a couple of English words in this song), the revolution starts with oneself : ) ... oh and I believe the original singer of this song, Misato Watanabe cameo a couple of times in this movie... rather funny stuff

Like Separate Ways, My Revolution is going to be my Ringtones for a while : ) (that is if I can find the mp3 for this song)

Toshinobu Kubota 久保田利伸 - LA-LA-LA LOVE SONG

Now this tune shouldn't be that unfamiliar ... it was the theme song for that popular Japanese television drama Long Vacation (starring that certain Ryoko Hirosue who is so alluring in Departures too). The manner that this tune was used in this comedy was a fine example of innovation and timing for the most unexpected comedic effect. Excellent stuff : )

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