Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 Cds to look out for in Feb, Mar n Apr

if you asked me back then ... abt my 3 fave bands, I would tell you in a heart beat that it's U2, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys (in according to the length of their name ... not ranking them according to preferences).

But Out of the 3 ... one left me behind two albums ago with the leader's constant dabbling with politics and everything else other than improving their music. The two constantly impressed with their new works and somehow managed to bring something new to the table while retaining a certain flavour of their past work...

and coincidentally .. all three groups are releasing their new studio albums this few months ... and they are the only groups that got the power to make me buy a Cd nowadays

First Up ... U2's No Line on the Horizon Released 27 February 2009

the cover look pretty cool n zen but the songs ... argh ... after sampling the "rock" tracks, Bono sound like he is still trying to rock / sound cool but sound very out of place and what the heck are they singing about ? how does being beautiful, putting on your boots and letting them in the sound gel together? sound really desperate in trying to sound cool ... the most horrible single from them ... the rest are quite bland and the better songs are from the slower tracks ... and boy Bono sound so whinny to me

might need a few listen to let the songs grow on me ... but i'll definitely not be rushing out to get this CD

Pet Shop Boys' Yes Released March 23, 2009

The boys are back with their new studio album after their uber cool Fundamental / Fundamentalism. Likewise, they will be releasing the album Yes with a limited ED bonus disc titled ETC. Back when they released Fundamental / Fundamentalism (Fundamentalism being the limited Ed), I only had the last 30 odd bucks in my bank account for the month and I spend them on that limited ED ... which I was glad that it was worth very cents of my last 30 odd bucks.

Come March, I will be getting Yes / Etc

Depeche Mode's Sounds of the Universe Released 17 April 2009

Another band's new album that I am anticipating ... loved their last Playing the Angel album immensely and can't wait to hear what they got for their new stuff ..

incidentally .. all three new album covers are rather minimalist ... isn't it ?

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