Sunday, February 01, 2009

MJ Luck Strike Back !!!

My Luck is backkkk ... after losing money on Chu Yi and Chu San, my luck came back in a spectecular streak on Chu Qi.

Covered back all the money I lost and a few bucks more : )

the first manfu was given by my Cousin ... who i guess it's either distracted by his son or his luck really not so good ... pity cos it seems that he is an expert in MJ ... even intro a new way of playing with the flowers.

the Hen and Centipide gave me 2 tai, the Pong Fa Cai gave me another tai. The Half Colour gave me another 2 tai and it added up 5 tai. Was waiting for 3 Wan, 6 Wan and 9 Wan to game and my Cousin fed me the 3 Wan eventually ...

The second Full house came with one pair of flowers that belongs to me (2 Tai). The Hen gave another 1 Tai and the Half Colour gave me another 2 Tai. Was waiting for one 8 Bamboo and my brother in law thought it's unlikely to game but lucky I managed to.

Actually I didn't want to play anymore but my Mom and Uncle wanted to play on ... and resulted in me collecting a self touch full house. The Tong wind, Centipide and White Block gave me 3 tai and the Half Colour gave me another 2 tai. I self touch the 6th Bamboo to much of their dismay ... "$6.40 everyone ... thank you very much"

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