Monday, February 02, 2009

Len-ti-cu-lar Covers

Feel like I am sucked into the gimmicky covers trick all over again (was a sucker back in the 90s gimmick comic covers)

Loved the movie Mr Brooks and thanks to Linus who gotten a dvd copy of this movie for me to view ... but when I learnt that there's a Lenticular cover out there for this movie ... I just gotto get it : )

Thanks to a friend who fly about (you gotto love a stewardess), I managed to get my hands on the Mr Brooks Lenticular cover ...

The changing covers captures the essence of the duality of the unwilling serial killer.

Just love the bloody fingerprint behind Mr Brooks ... chilling

Then there's the HellBoy 2 Dvd ... which is a "gift" from my Mx Pals (thanks folks, yeah that what the voucher was spent on)
Like how Ron's face changed into the comic version of Hellboy.


uncanny right? ... see how alike they are : )

and to put Linus's heart at ease ... I didn't sell that Director Cut of the first Hellboy Dvd off ... I got it from you because it match the Lenticular Cover of the Hellboy 2 Director Cut very well ... the picture can't really show but the first Hellboy Director Cut has red foil on it....

It feels like the 90s all over again

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