Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Mom's 1st MacDonald Delivery Call

This is another entry into my Mom's big head prawn legacy. As recounted by My Mom ...

Early this morning, Andrew and My Mom were hungry .... Andrew claimed he was too tired to go out for food so My Mom decided to call for Mac delivery. She tried to ask Andrew Mom and Dad to help her order but didn't get a reply.

So vaguely remembering the number, My Mom called 1777 to try and order.

With selective hearing problem, she wasn't able to hear the introduction on the other end of the line. So after the introduction ended, she asked them if they got MacDonald delivery or not. The operator politely replied they don't have such service.

She continued to ask if they could transfer her to the MacDonald delivery line or not. The operator once again replied that they do not provide such service too. Disappointed she hung up the phone ...

at this point, my Dad butted in and said

"That's because 1777 is for Non Emergency Ambulance Service"

: )

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