Thursday, February 19, 2009

Andrew could have been Ansell

was checking if my newly added Ram is working properly on my CPU (18 Jan 09) and found out that I named my PC as Ansell ... which means God's Protection. There's a joke about the name Ansell and it could have been Andrew's name (and since his birthday is around the corner ... I will save this post as a draft and to be published on his birthday ... yup it's today)

Back when he was in his mommy's pouch and I was in Australia, a list of possible names were chosen for him ... among the front runners, there was this name call Ansell ... look n sound unique which nowadays parents are going for ... (sidejoke, my teacher fren told me that one of his boy was named Enoch ... which is so sad)

I was thrilled and amused that was going to be my nephew's name cos ... that's the brand of a Condom in Aussie Land : ) YUP Ansell !!! God's protection for U n MEEEE hahaha

I was slightly disappointed that the name was dropped in the end

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