Saturday, January 03, 2009

自摸满胡 ( Zi Mo Man Hu) x 2

It's been a long time since I had an entry for Mahjong and today's awesome game (at my Aunt's housewarming) definitely needs a yaya session on journalite.

the first Self touch Full Game

First came a Mouse (+ 1 Tai) ... then pong 2 Bamboo ... then I kept drawing 5th Bamboo and 4th bamboo that had to gong both of them : ) (collected $1.20 x 2 just with both of the gong). My lucky streak just kept going with a Rooster (+ 1 Tai) and then a Cat (+ 1 Tai)(which incur another $1.20 from all the other players as Cat catches the Mouse). If it wasn't enough ... while touching the Cat's flowery tile, I gotten the North Wind Tile (which add + another Tai to it!). The North Wind threesome tiles happened to be my wind (+ 1 Tai).

That's already 5 Tai which is the max on our table. But if I would to calculate the actual total tiles, it would be Half Colour (which means the mixture of Bamboo tiles and the Big tiles) (+ 2 Tai) and Pong Pong (which means all Pong) (+2 Tai).

The Total would be 9 Tai! ... YUm YUM Somemore I self draw the winning tile (which is the North Wind tile) and that means everyone have to paid the max amount : ) hehehe

the Second Self touch Full Game

The Second Full Game is less spectacular. First I draw flowers that don't belong to me But some how, the Wan Zi keep coming to me and I managed to Pong them all with Fai Cai! ...The Half Colour (+ 2 Tai) and the Pong Pong (+ 2 Tai) already almost cap it to the brink. Thanks to the Centipede (+ 1 Tai) that came into the game late .... it went to the Max and it was 5 Tai when I drew the winning tile (5th Wan) on my own ... : ) again ... Full payment from everyone !!!

Even my Grandma mention that my Mahjong Skill improved : ) hahaha I would like to thank Viwawa and all the trainings it provided me

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