Friday, December 05, 2008

that misconception about me

Was chatting with various different frens from school days recently and one disturbing trend keep emerging. A misconception about me that I wish to clarify with them but it seems that its the same as washing myself in the yellow river.

A couple of them had this notion that I am a flirt / playboy and mention that it would feel very insecure as my girlfriend.

Sidestory: Recently one of my friend asked why am I single for 2 years, (I didn't pick up the suaning but) my Ex actually exclaimed to our mutual friends that I kept changing girlfriends in this past 10 years so need to take a break from relationship. I felt very touched that she would speak out for me (although partly she couldn't stand the guy who "questioned" me) but still ... I feel that my image had been badly tarnished.

I told one of them this story (which is the main story I would like to blog about) to demonstrate that although I might be overly friendly to other females, my heart would remain true to my partner. The outcome of the story didn't turn out the way I planned but at the end of it, that story revealed an unexpected result and that inspired me to write about it. It's funny how you look back at life and those little overlooked moments could give you a different viewpoint of what had transpired.

A few years ago, I was selling some stuff with my ex at her school fair. Beside our stall, there was this ice cream stall and we got friendly with them as both parties tried to sell stuff to each other. In that Ice-cream stall, there was this Ice Cream seller who was very easy to chat with and to have someone that click with in such an foreign environment was quite comforting (I couldn't really click that well with my ex frens... some of them not very nice, one even bet that we won't last 1 year together but I shall not digress anymore about that).

It might seem a bit too much that I was actually at the Ice Cream stall disturbing that Ice Cream seller and not helping out at my own stall. My excuse was that there weren't really anyone around then and my ex was chatting with her friend. After a while, I decided to return to pack up our stall and my Ex calmly came up to me and told me this

"My friend ask me why my bf is flirting with another girl in front of me?" and turn around to pack up the stall ...

Thinking about it (and my friend echo the same viewpoint too) ... she was pretty cool the way she handled the situation. My ex just walk away, not sulking or throwing a fit with me. Of course, I didn't realize I was flirting (in my books, I was just being friendly with a friendly girl) but thinking back now ... not many girls would have react the same way. Thinking back and visualizing that moment, I felt like giving her a nice warm hug (or should have done that in the past).

Anyway, I hope friends who read this post and had any misconception about me would understand by now that I am just being friendly. Not a playboy that you think I am ... actually I am more fragile than I look / you think : )


Anonymous said...

hahaha....well just for ur information. in the books of a woman, if one guy is being overly frenly to another girl = flirting :) chu liew siang

richardlimjr said...

that why men are from mars and women are from far deep uncharted space : )