Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the Boy with the Golden Mic

During the recent computer fair, I asked Chew Cher to pick up a budget dvd player so I can give my Mom a early Birthday Present ... also partly for them to let their grandson watch DVD so that they could have some free time from him.

What I didn't expect was that Chew Cher got one dvd player with Karaoke function and just the night before, Andrew had been performing for my parents and others at Woodlands. In the end, they were more excited about the Karaoke function than the dvd player itself! ... and I gotten a couple Dvds from Library for Andrew to watch but before the dvd player could come out of the box, the grandma/son team was busy seeking the Mic out.

The following videos would reveal what had happen in the evening

Andrew's version of "We are the Champions"

He sang this song for Ang Mo strangers before ! and although it's likely that he won't be able to win the "Don't Forget the Lyrics", his performance would probably charm your socks off

then he moved on to
Andrew sang Small Aeroplane

I liked the way he bend down for the song ... and he was moving forward to me that got me worried for a while ... I liked to capture his performance and was wondering how far back I could move (as I was already against the wall liao)

Andrew Sang Ni Wa Wa 泥娃娃

Watch the NG moments ... haha sometime such at hoc performance needs some last mins direction

Andrew sang Heaven is a Place on Earth - Take 1

Was kinda surprised that he know this song ... as again, the lyrics are everywhere ... : ) also watch out for the NG moments caused by my DAD : )

Andrew sang Heaven is a Place on Earth - Take 2 "the longer version"

The song again ! longer version ... had to wait a long while before he finally got to the extra part

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