Friday, November 21, 2008

did you know that ...

My Monkey Jug went for the Wall-e audition ? She was shortlisted for that one and only plant role (yes it was a supporting role but still a substantial one)... but they turned her down because she was too side way

and they will looking for a more upright plant to play the role ... sigh

some think out of the box moment ...
while posting this picture, I can't help but think of a out of the box loophole with this movie.

of cos spoilers included ... so scroll over to read

If the main computer, "AUTO" of the human spaceship needed to follow the classified file which states that humans should not return to Earth, then what's the point of sending Eve for a plant seeking mission when the Human captain wasn't even aware of such Mission / Objective?

Kinda inefficient and contradicting isn't it?

Even if the Captain is aware of such mission (which I could have missed out), wouldn't it be more efficient for "AUTO" to bluff the captain that Eve had "went" on the mission instead? Since the Captain needs the "AUTO" to do everything for him and the spaceship ?

and the "holo-detector", the machine that the plant need to be place in so that the spaceship would return back to Earth ... if "AUTO" is in control of the spaceship, why couldn't he just off the "holo-detector"?

End of Spoiler

Of cos I know if what I asked is worked into the film ... we would most likely be stuck with Wall-e on earth for the whole duration of the movie ... but it just feel that the whole chase around was a bit done for extending the screen time sake ...

don't get me wrong ... I still like this film and what it stands for ... I'm a fat guy too (just in case you didn't know)

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