Thursday, October 02, 2008

is this far enough for you?

I didn't really like the vocal for this but after hearing it for a couple of times, the song got stuck in my head ... and while doing work on the computer, I keep getting urge to turn this song on ...

Chicane - Far Away From You

Had been a fan since Uni days in Perth ... love walking down the long street to supermarket, listening to Chicane on my CD player ... haven't kept in touch with their latest news for a long time until recently the local Tv News mention that they were here performing a gig (and later, I found out that someone was giving out free tickets but that another story to tell and it's way too long to do it here).

Turned out that they just had a "new" album called "Somersault" out (not that new as in release dates n materials if you have been following the music leakage problem). Beside their old single "Stoned in Love" feat Tom Jones which I loved, "Time of your Life" was the other track that immediately became my favourite.

The rest like "Far Away from You" and other tracks in it didn't really hook me that quickly like their previous two albums but after a while, it grew on me and I am stuck listening to "Somersault" more than anything else ... I can't wait to check out their "Best of" that releasing soon ... will be featuring Keane in one of their tracks ...

in the meantime
the lyrics here
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Deed said...

The rhythm is quite catchy. Lyrics well...not able to relate heh.