Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a pleasant connecting encounter

After hearing my fellow folks from mx recounting their experience with Louis Koo, I thought my encounter with him will be like the dark & stormy encounter with Stephen Chow (too depressing to post but someday I will).

But surprise surprise ... it didn't turn out all that bad ...

He still sound / behave / look rather restless answering questions from the interviewers. Not exactly a very energentic person but there are times when he would crack some jokes to lighten up the mood ... I guess he must be tired from the series of questioning.

anyway, paired with my new "intern" (as a reporter from My Paper would called it, I prefer the term > friend), we managed to get a small group interview with him (private joke/ Thanks to Shaw n Faith, I will definitely save you first over the other lady /private joke ends).

Before they (the reporters) could even get to start asking him question, he took my friend's dvds (which was supposed to be returned back to me so I can pass it back to the webmaster) and checked every dvds out. hmmm look like a fellow movie fanatic leh? or maybe he too bored?? ... anyway my friend who is doing interview with a celebrity for the first time managed to find a common topic that interest him and that topic turned out to be his first feature "Troublesome Nights"

along the way, he constantly joked about "Troublesome Nights" and the interview session didn't turn out to be as bad as we were expecting.

Since the mood looked good and no one was there to chase us after our session ended, I took out my Election 2 Dvd for him to sign ... which he nicely obliged

Kinda look like caterpillar right?

after he signed my dvd ... and since no other reporters came in yet ... I shamelessly (a requisite as I learned from the Andy Lau encounter (too lazy to post abt it but someday I will)) asked if we could snap a picture with him ...

surprisingly, his reply was a rather chirpy "sure" and even during the time when I was teaching the photographer how to use my camera (cos my lcd screen wasn't turn on), he put his arms around my friend and made small talk about "Troublesome Nights" again!

I was thinking of doing some photo editing after seeing this picture with him ... noooo not the removing fats off my face type of photo editing (I am not that skilled yet) but maybe i could darken my face a bit ... so I won't loook like a small pale face beside him ....

haiz, he is too good looking ... i think my camera is in love with him

Updated Edit : I realized I mention "Troublesome Nights" so many times but never even mention the movie that he was here for ... anyway it's Connected and you can check out more of his photos n his co star + director at

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