Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Korean Cd / Dvd s Hunt List

Dear Mr Kong,

Hope you are having a good time in Japan / Korea ... here are some Cd / Dvds for you to check it out if you happen to come across any Dvd/Cd shops in Korea ...

The Good The Bad and The Weird Soundtrack

One of the most anticipated Korean Movie of 2008. Although I have yet to watch this movie, the soundtracks from the trailers had been an earworm since day 1. I also love the director's previous film A Bittersweet Life and it's soundtrack so I am betting that it's going to be just as geat.

Cost about $18 to $20 Sing Dollars
Rating: 4 Stars

Le Grand Chef Limited Edition

This movie made me go teary up and laugh until peng. Kinda regret not going for the actor press conference in Singapore and missing this movie when it was out in Cinema cos it made me missed the chance of buying this "special" limited edition which come with bamboo tray (that normally use for dim sum)

Cost about $60 to $80 Sing Dollars
Rating: 4.5 Stars

A Moment to Remember Director's Cut Limited Edition

I didn't actually sit down to watch this ... my ex did but somehow it left a memorable mark in my memory. Funny and Sad ... plus actress very chio and so sold out that it's quite expensive liao

Cost about $80 to $100
Rating: 4 Stars

The other few ... I am interested to know if Korea shops got sell or not but not so willing to fork out so much money for it ... but do help me see if got or not la

The Host Limited Edition Gift Set (4discs)

Review: I think its a overated film but it's fun and the limited edition with the slipcase look darn cool.

Cost about $80 to $100
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Daisy Limited Edition

Review: The Pan Asian flick that got Andrew Lau, famous for Infernal Affair to cross over to Korea to work with 3 of the hottest stars in Korea. the End result was rather average flick but I heard that the limited edition which features the director cut and this cut with changes in editing made the whole film so much better, so i am quite interested to see how much better it became.

Cost about $40
Rating: 3 Stars

R-Point Limited Edition

Review: Effective Army Horror flick which got some spooky scenes that those who been thru army forrest warfare would understand and relate to.

Cost about $40 to $50
Rating: 3.5 Stars

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