Monday, July 14, 2008

Prom night? more like a slumber party

Was invited to view Prom Night, a movie that almost didn't make it to our local cinema and was going straight to video ... anyway it was bad .. so bad that it actually gave slasher movie a bad name. The suspense were all gone right from the start when they reveal who the killer and his motive.

anyway I went to imdb and was reading the "250 Things We Learned From 'Prom Night'" topic and some were spot on !

Might contain spoiler stuff so roll over to read ....

1. When your mom is being violently stabbed, hide under a bed and just stare at her.

4. If you want to escape from a maximum security prison... just go through the vents.

5. A shawl is more important than your life.

11. Don't ruin Prom night just because your psycho ex-teacher's come back for you.

13. If you have a nightmare, when you wake up, go back and do the EXACT same thing.

15. ALWAYS cover your mouth when your hiding from a killer.

20. 18 year old look like there in their 30s.

23. Being Prom Queen is the most important thing in life.

27. When the fire alarm goes off your friends wont evacuate until you go and get them.

28. Take the target of the deranged serial killer home and not to any number of safe locations including the police station.

30. A few knife wounds to the abdomen will instantly kill you, but you will only lose a few teaspoons of blood.

32. When you kill the maid, leave her cart in the hallway; it won't draw any unwanted attention.

33. When searching for a criminal in a building, evacuate everyone in the building. A building with no one in it yields significantly better search results.

36. Once you realize your best friends murdering stalker has returned, immediately run back to the dance without telling anyone first, hoping he wont find and/or kill you along the way.

41. Don't go upstairs to have sexy time when you're about to be announced prom queen.

43. When you are a cop and know a killer is after a girl stay parked outside in a police car not knowing whats going on in the house

44. When a detective knows a obsessed stalker has escaped from jail and he is after a girl, don't warn her just watch her dance with all her friends.

45. When your black go with a black person to the dance if your white go with a white person

46. If you truly love someone, kill everyone in their family AND their friends. I'm sure they'll want to be with you afterwords.

81. Although only a few feet away, officers will NOT hear you screaming from inside your bedroom as the killer beats you until the LAST minute.

82. Instead of sending an entire team of people to protect the target victim, ask for one scrawny guy to sit outside her house to make sure her light stays on...

121. People completely unrelated to the prom actually take the time to make banners and stand on the sidewalk to wave to the limo parade.

122. Whenever a guy tells his girlfriend NOT to follow him to college, she takes it as a compliment.

145. Always kill the target's boyfriend in bed then hide in the closet for no reason what-so-ever

165. When you slit a guys throat and then stuff him in a vent, blood will drip down indicating a bloodied body is near but when you actually pull the body out he's clean as a whistle.

Yup ... it's a stinker ... Avoid

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