Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr "Dvd Cover" of the year

Warning: Another Self Raving Rant, please shift your eyes else where if you can't stand to See Richard congratulate himself

Was told by Mx Webmaster that my rating for a recent HK film, THREE KINGDOMS: RESURRECTION OF THE DRAGON was used on a Dvd cover ... although it didn't feature my Name, it was branded under Mx and both of us know that I'm the guilty one

Dvd Cover supplied by Kind Webmaster of Mx

After telling me, both of us went down to one of the nearest store to check out the rating on the cover and seeing it for real, send a pleasant feeling swelling in me ... yeah I know I been called a "sell out" and my rating was considered "overrated" by some but it felt good to see my contribution for Mx made to the cover ....

Then something hit me ! nooooo not a ball (tsk tsk tsk ... I can read ur mind k) Among all the Mx reviews, mine was the one that featured on a Dvd cover the most. First for Cold Shower (got my name n quote) ... then The Banquet (just my quote under Mx banner) and now my ratings on Three Kingdoms ... My peers only got one each : ) hehehe "officially" I'm peerless when it come to getting Mx on the Dvd Covers

so proud that I call myself Mr "Mx Dvd Cover" of the year ! right beside my Mr "One Liner" .... hahhahaha now shhhhhhhhhoooo, let me bask in my 15 secs of glory

10/05/08 7.30pm


Anonymous said...

good job ... i really think u should work as a critic for a career. so when new rsing star new promotion they will give u $$$, food n watever u asked for hihihi....

richardlimjr said...

hahaha .... right ... not that good la