Monday, May 19, 2008

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant @ Upper Thomson Rd

Been craving from Korean BBQ food eversince the KL Trip I took recently (haven't blog it yet but it's coming soon) and since my Makan Kaki was here, we went to explore what the Local Korean Restaurant is able to offer in terms of Authentic Korean Food (a running joke that kept popping in my mind is that Seoul Garden, the first ambassador of Korean food in Singapore is actually not very Korean)

This time round, we didn't use the ieatishootipost blog for suggestion in Korean food in Singapore ... cos there isn't much about it in that blog. Did a search at Yahoo! SG and Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant was mention a couple of times and it seems that it was quite good so we head down to my old school area to try if it's a place that we can fall in love with

Consumed >

The Korean Side Dishes

Yangnyum Kalbi (Beef With Special Sauce)

Hae Mool Jeon (Pan Cake with Seafood)

Goodies > The Beef was quite good. Yummmy butter-ly feel to it and strangely, I prefer to eat it on it's own, without the sauce or vegetable wrapping. Tho I was a bit upset that I didn't get to BBQ it on my own, I must admit that I might not have gotten it cook so nicely as the chef had at the Kitchen. The Pan Cake tasted like waffles with a savoury touch.

A little side story of discover ... after watching and digging the Korean movie "Le Grand Chef", I was thrilled to find out that they also served the soup that made a King cried. Didn't ordered it as there was too much food ordered already. ... maybe next time.

Yuckies > There are a couple of disappointing issues that marred my visit to Auntie Kim. First and foremost, I was told that I need to order two portion of BBQ meat before they allow us to do our own BBQ at the table. A major let down compared to what I had at KL.

The side dishes also pale in comparison with the KL one that I been to. There were more variety to stuff my Vegetable / Beef Combo and side dishes to snack on.

Cost > $27 for Yangnyum Kalbi (Beef With Special Sauce) & $16 for Hae Mool Jeon (Pan Cake with Seafood)
Returning (?) > I like to try other Korean Restaurants but if I need to get my Korean food fix urgently, I wouldn't mind coming down to Auntie Kim again.
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