Sunday, May 18, 2008

Al-Ameen Eating House @ Bukit Timah

After watching Le Grand Chef, my overseas Makan buddy and I was hungry again ... even tho we just had dinner long ago ... did a bit of research on ieatishootipost blog and found an entry for 24hours makan in Singapore ... the pictures were tempting enough to make up our mind to head down to Bukit Timah for some Indian Naans

Consumed >

Tissue Prata

In the Basket: Naans, Garlic Naans & Cheese Onion Naans
The Orange Sauce: Panner Butter Masala Indian Cheese Butter Sauce
The Green Sauce: Palak Panner Spinach wit Indian Cheese and Onion Garlic

Goodies > Well The Naans were fabulous as I remember having back in Australia. I used to avoid Indian food beside the prata as I had the conception that Indian food are mainly spicy. Friend convinced me otherwise and I really enjoyed dipping the Naans into the creamy sauce. Haven't had the chance to try local Naans for the longest time and this was an excellent chance for me to relive the enjoyment of devouring Naans ....

Overall, it's as good as ieatishootipost recommend ... but personally, I prefer the Garlic Naans over the Cheese / Onion. The sauce wise, I felt the same as the Panner Butter Sauce was siok to every last drop .... sour, creamy and rich ... just like I love it ..

Yuckies > as per ieatishootipost, the Palak Panner Sauce was a let down ... Buddy complained that it wasn't as nice as the ones Malaysia offered and I agreed ... while constantly dipping in the sauce that I had order and push the green bowl over ...

I was told that In KL, sauce comes free and I tried to ask the friendly "manager" if it's the same here... but nope, it cost $7 bucks here (yup 1 buck more than when the post was made in ieatishootipost) ... and the greedy me sort of over ordered and the whole supper cost more than what I had expected ... heng got ATM nearby

Cost > $1 to $2.50 for the Naans / Cheese n Garlic ones. $7 Bucks for the Sauce

Returning (?) > Yeah but will not order that many sauces this time round ... sadly, can't explore the other sauces available

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Anonymous said...

malaysia sauces is free.... 3 types also.... curry, mint and condensed milk. coz less than $2. the naan is over price.

ps: i did not push the green bowl over ok?