Wednesday, February 20, 2008

so I kanna Motor Vehicle Theft in JB

Johor Bahru ... the notorious city up north famous for Motor Vehicle Theft (specially Singapore cars) ... I been told to take care while traveling up to JB but always brush it aside ... until my car kanna mugged today

It happened when I was in a shop, collecting my items and chatting with the sales girl when one lady pop in and started asking loudly "Is there a Singaporean diver here ? A Singapore Car just got broken in"

I couldn't believe that I finally kanna the infamous Motor Vehicle Theft in JB !!! What if the whole car kanna stolen ? Did I left any valuables in the car ? Where is my Passport ? Did I lose a car ??

Walking out of the shop and turning a corner, I saw my car .. still there but with the driver door open .... I couldn't believe that the car muggers in JB really so terrok (Malay Word) (Cham in Hokkien)! ... Bright day Light still dare to steal car ...

So I went to the driver seat and check if there's anything stolen ... by the time I got to the driver seat ... it suddenly dawn onto me ... I was stuffing stuff into the car booth just now and the car keys that I carried was a spare one which meant that I wasn't able to use the car key to open the booth ... and I got to open it from the switch at the driver seat

hmmmmmmmm could it be that I had forgotten to close the door after stuffing the items in ? cos my hands were full & I was struggling with it ... which is more likely ... a car mugger who didn't mug anything or a forgetfully me who had forgotten to close the door ???

then the lady and her man who came into the shop walked by and asked if anything's been stolen .... they went on to said that the car muggers are really horrible nowadays and on n on ...

at that point ... I was pondering to tell them the truth or to act pitiful potential victim and add on to the notoriety of the smelly label that JB got

My decision was made purely becos I wanted to save face and blame it on the thief while thanking sky and ground/ god that I didn't lose the car or anything valuable in it

Walking back, the salesgirl that was attending to me asked me once again and I got to lie thru my nose again ... dying of embarrassment, I cut short all the "flirting" with her and made my way out ...

Just before I left, the supervisor asked if everything's all right and said this to me ... "next time come and buy things .... don't chit chat (flirt) so much la" with a wink

Embarrassment overwhelms me

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