Monday, February 11, 2008

immortalize me pt 2

The Weinstein Company with their New Asian Imprint (Dragon Dynasty) will be releasing The Banquet under the new movie name " Legend of the Black Scorpion "

I don't remember there's was any Scorpion in the movie but by now, We should be used to the Ang Mo's treatement to the Asian movies liao ... so when I saw the dvd news at Dvd Active, I checked their page for this movie out ... see if they added anything on the cover that's equally blasphemes as the USA release for Infernal Affairs

I was quite shocked to see a movie quote "spectacular fight sequences" by none other than the "Singapore #1 Longest Suriving Movie Website" , Moviexclusive .... and I got a stinking gut feeling that it was me who wrote it ... checking the MX's page for the Banquet ... I had a good Laugh ....

Why ??? Click here to see the one liner I wrote for the Banquet !!! and you can see how selective Dragon Dynasty was

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