Monday, February 04, 2008

late night insomnia

Just before I slept, I caught this video on MTV Insomnia and it was the Honda Spaceman that kept me awake more than I should be ... and thru the Spaceman Lens, I could figure out that the singer of this song is Badly Drawn Boy (who sang one of my fave song "Year of the Rat" which incidentally is this coming year's animal)

Check it out before I go on why I like this mtv so much

Badly Drawn Boy - Silent Sigh

I liked the notion that years later ... when we are all dead ... would what emotionally troubled us now still matter ?? and will it troubled us thousands years later in that locked memory of ours .... and if bad memories could be erased and edited like a video clip so that it could have a happy ending as remembered in the memories instead of what actually had happen ... wouldn't that be the way to go ??

i m rambling again ...

and just incase you like to know how the year of the rat sound like ... here it goes

Badly Drawn Boy - Year of the Rat

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