Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Edison's Sex Scandal

Me think this is The Dumbest PR move after a Scandal

Some Points to note
1 - Strange Ordeal? Shouldn’t it be Scandal instead? don't downplay it

2 – Although some thought he admitted it, but if you hear him out carefully, he did not admit those pictures are real or are from his collection.

3 – Assuming those pictures are real and not photo chopped, I don't think the pix were posted because they are internationally hurtful and malicious ... it's more of the sharing mentality of the internet community and any hurtful or malicious actions were actually caused by "who ever" that snap those pix ... it should be that person who took those pictures that apologize.

4 - Quite naive that he think the audience will do as he asked ... unless he got the Jedi trick on his sleeve but I think it only works with gullible female stars . I think it will be more effective if he curses the pictures like how videotapes in Ringu were cursed ... like that more effective

5 – And need to add some emotions to it … sound like he is reading and does not translate his sincerity well. Come on, you been a few films before …. Surely you can do better than that?

Afterthoughts ... If I am the dad of any of the victims and is a triad leader as rumored ... I will most likely hire a killer to kill the one who took the pictures and a few heads that distribute it ... like that can send warning to those who are still downloading the pictures or forwarding the pictures ... like that will be more effective that this video "plead" message


GUO SHAO-HUA said...

this blog is going to have huge hits because you have the words "edison" and "sex" in the title of this blog entry.

richardlimjr said...

ya i know ... i m kinda worried that it might get me into trouble ... was tinkin maybe i should take it down first ... wait till it blows over and then put it up again ...

GUO SHAO-HUA said...

no la, where got trouble? you din post the pics what. you only posted that idiot's YouTube non-apology.

richardlimjr said...

er becos he wrote in his blog ... he will fuck with whoever fuck with him .... and my post wasn't that nice ...

but come to think of it ... u r right ... i worry too much ... he most likely has his hands full now with those folks who r posting all the pix on their blogs n sites ... where got time to chap me