Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Just after watching The HeartBreak Kid, which featured one henpecked husband who was kept on a modern leash (aka via a handphone) by his wife , my friend picked up the phone to call his girlfriend that I quickly identify as The Leash and made this comment

"So your gf also keep on you a leash huh?"

his reply was

"at least I got one ... do you have a leash ???"

our dodgy friendship was so over-ed then and there


Stefan S said...

some folks just love being on leashes in their little make believe world that they are truly happy

just like the movie

richardlimjr said...

well it's also pretty much like the movie ... ppl without leash would like to be leashed but then once u got leashed, u hunger for freedom ....

I can't decide !!! what i truly want