Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Have you been Enlighten ?

While planning a trip with my friend during the CNY, he brought up the dangers of traveling to a "not so advance and safe" country. I replied to him that in life, if it's meant to be, that no escaping, so don't worry too much.

To which, he started telling me this story about a monk traveling down a mountain / hill in a van. The driver was driving dangerously close to the edge of the winding road in a racing speed and it seems that every so often, the whole van might just drive off the mountain/hill.

The Monk then tell the driver to drive safely and slow down.

The Driver then told the Monk, "In Life, everything's fated and in God's hand... if you are meant to die by falling off the mountain, it's just meant to be"

at this point, I asked my friend ... so was the Monk "enlighten" by the Driver's reply

my friend's reply was ....

"FUCK YOU !!! if I die, it was because of your DRIVING SKILL"

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