Saturday, December 08, 2007

as far as the sky's edge, as near as next door

Was at the Warlords press con and while waiting for our turn to interview Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei, I overheard some ladies who were there to attend a Cosmetic Christmas event giggling about Andy Lau's presence and they were hopping that they might bump into him at the corridor (which is not impossible as he did leave the interview room to go for toilet and there's a chance to intercept him for photo opportunities, handshake and other stuffs)

In my mind, I was wondering what if you attend an event in a hotel function room and yet you are not even aware that your favourite star is just in the next function room, just one door away from you ... it will be so close yet so far and if it's not fated, a door can mean a world away

Then there this group of ladies who were entering the Cosmetic Function room and one of them look rather familiar .... (my eyes were rather blurry because I was so tired from rushing a video clip the night before n this morning) ... taking a close look, it turn out to be my poly friend

and not just any poly friend ... she was my crushee ... I had the longest crush on her during my poly days before I eventually got attached with my first serious gf...

She didn't really had time for small talk but meeting up in such manner left a bittersweet feeling ... it's nice bumping to her but then i wonder if our group gotten to interview the artist earlier, I won't get to meet her and all it took was just one door to be one world away


Stefan S said...

this type of thing is called 'yuan fen'

richardlimjr said...
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richardlimjr said...

in my case ... it was got "Yuan" but no "Fen"

: )