Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My ??? Online DVD purchases : DDDHouse order

The Recent Peter Chan's Visit got me scrambling for a Perhaps Love Golden Limited Edition Dvd all over Singapore. After his visit, I went online to seek a copy just in case he return for more promo and found out that it was sold out in Yesasia ... but luckily DDDhouse still got it listed.

I always wanted to try their service but never got to until now ..... was thinking of getting other dvds to lower the shipping cost and pretty glad that Stefan chip in a few ...

I got the double disc Election 1 & 2 and Recycle Double Disc (which I still can't match the price that Loki got at HK) and a Akira Kurosawa documentary ...

My Items
Message From Akira Kurosawa For Beautiful Movies
Re-Cycle (2 Discs Director's Edition)
Election 2 Two Discs Collector Special Edition
Election (Two Discs Collector Edition)
Perhaps Love (Golden Limited Edition)

Stefan's stuff
House of Flying Daggers (Two discs version)
Citizen Dog (2005)
Mon Rak Transistor

Let's see how long it will take to reach me : )

* Updated (8 Nov 07) : It seems that I might have gotten the last copy of the Perhaps Love Golden Limited Edition as when I checked today, it's listed as Sold Out!

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