Saturday, August 04, 2007

Overrider in Comics?

I had been using the nick Overider for a long period of time at most of the forums I visited... it was based on this album by this artist that I had long forgotten the name ... the reason why i chose this name Overider was becos I like the way it merge Over & Rider together, removing the R from the end of over n start of rider ... plus I Like it for being the person who constantly over ride stuff such as order or command : ) yeah Rebel Rebel

what I didn't know and kinda amused me was while looking thru some comic story arc on the long X-Men history, I came across the existence of this mutant character call Overrider and his alter ego (or should I say real name) is Richard Rennselaer : ) that Put a smile on my face hahaha

Strange Coincidence ??

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