Monday, July 02, 2007

Today: "the most insulting yet amusing thing i ever said"

Had a heated discussion about the Transformer movie and being on the side of minority that hated this movie, I was getting upset that how come people will enjoy a movie with such a crappy storyline (trashing review coming later)

the guy who is getting the bare end of my aggressiveness was my "younger brother" ... I always poke fun of the type of movies that he is and is not interested in ... (fri "For Reader Information", He loves those big bang boom action flicks while shun away those long winded drama rama films)

after a while, we shifted to another movie as it seems that we are getting no where with Transformer ... and the next movie we talked about was Die Hard, we were talking which sequel was better and which is not ... and I told him about Tears of the Sun which was supposed to be Die Hard 4

His reply was quite immediate and he stated: "I don't like it!"

I was still in the aggression mode from the Transformer debate and I reacted/shot back at him

"Why? Is it because there too much storyline for you?"

hehehe ... we had a good laugh but he point out to me that I was being extremely rude ... hahah

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