Monday, June 11, 2007

Will Anything Last Long?

Anything ( plus Whatever )... the two gimmicky drinks by a former golf company ... after viewing their aggressive and cheeky type of ads (which wasn't that funny to me), i finally gotto drink it tonight and my verdict is ... it won't last long

It's does have a good way of selling brand name and making the potential market remember this brand but if the drink itself isn't nice, I dont think it will last ...

Although it played with the notion that people here are very chin chye (anything also can) here, I still believe that they still want to have a choice in what they want to drink or what they don't want to drink ... one of the can that I opened contain the lemon aid flavour and I wasn't seeking for a sour feeling that day

diversity wise ... what else can they do with their Anything Whatever drink ? Coke came up with Lime and Pepsi came up with Lemon Twist ... what could they do when the customers have no option to choose the type of drinks that they are getting ?

I expect that by 2 years time, it will fade off from the market

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