Monday, June 25, 2007

Cramp n nearly died in the pool

nahhhhhhhhh not tat serious but people at public swimming pool are getting up my nerves

I was doing the last few laps of free style and giving all my mights when suddenly a figure started to bobbing in front of me .... Had to jam break to prevent crashing into him

that jam break resulted in major cramp ... and it's excruciatingly painful that I never felt for a long time ....

for a moment, i panic for a while ....with both hands holding and massaging my right leg ... i begun to sink ... then i have to slowly release my cramp leg n slowly swim to the side .... heng i did this few laps new the side (all this while, I was wondering why no lifeguard jump into the pool to rescue me!)

and while this happen .... when i was resting by the side n staring at that guy ... he got no idea that what he did to me ... I was so tempted to shout at him on what he had just done but in the end, i gave up that thought ....

"Haiz! it's a swimming pool !! not a bobbing pool ! Cant u go bob at one corner ?"

But it's a public pool and I just got to put up this type of people ... almost every trip to the pool, I will encounters this type of people until I could come up with a list of assholes in the swimming pool ... maybe I should just crash into them and bring them down with me ... see who can hold his breath longer

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