Saturday, May 19, 2007

$ $ $ "恋におちたら When I Fall in Love"

recently, I was out with Stefan and we saw a couple that looked rather mixed match ... the girl is super pretty with big round eyes and the guy ... well cant really see his eyes and his tummy is bigger than my uncle ... i tried to see what she see in him and the answer that Stefan gave was it's either Big Car, Big Dick or Big Wallet ... (technically Big Wallet and Big Car mean the same thing .. Big $)

Not to say that every Ladies are attracted to the guy's wallet only but after talking to a few female friends recently ... there are a few common factors that they shared ... if the guy is not able to provide some of $ stability , it's not likely the girl will take a risk with him ...

it really boil down to No Money No Talk cos Talk is Cheap

and that what i like about this series ... when the lead character Suzuki Shimao (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi) crashes with the his antagonist about the pros & cons of achieving more wealth ... I stood by Suzuki Shimao's point of view about the simplicity of life and what the point in over achieving ?

but then ... life got a way to teach you a lesson

Lucky I didn't have such a tragic encounter like Suzuki Shimao in this tale, but I am beginning to understand the importance of money just as he is going thru in this drama series ... tho his antagonist is teaching his the hard facts of being wealthy, I am sure that the protagonist will find a way to become rich without losing his soul

and of cos ... there the girl factor to encourage our hero to achieve the financial success

So Every SAT 9 - 11pm or Every SUN 9 - 11am ... I will be in front of the TV screen for another 5 weeks