Wednesday, May 23, 2007

malu movie ticket experience

Been planning to watch Priceless today and since it had already been taken off the no free list, I assumed that there will be plenty of seats to go around, so I made no prior bookings and just made arrangement to meet my fren, Cpt Peng at the cinema counter a good ten mins before the film commence ...

When I went to the counter, the lady there told me "don't have" after I asked for for Priceless Tickets (ok .. no puns intended ... they know there a movie call priceless k )

Then i tried to correct her by telling her which cinema and the schedule for that show ... I even point to her that there a small paper schedule for priceless pasted on the side of her counter ...

She didn't speak to me and started clicking the computer ... (at which, I was thinking how come the staff there so lousy one) and when she revealed that there is indeed a screening scheduled for that time slot ... (just before I could say .. na got mah ... why u say dont have)... it showed that it was a full house ! with only 2 seats that are not together ... so malu .. heng i wasn't quick enough with the last line !

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