Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I been BOOKED !

My Favourite FlateMate just buzz on msn and wanted to give me the rough dates for his wedding !!! I was so excited for him that I thought he had already propose and the girl gave the nod to him .... turn out that (in his own words... it was a conventional relationship) he haven't propose and they had to pre book the chuch cos it got a very busy schedule ... feel like Singaporean getting ROM (married) in order to get that HDB flat

: ) kinda excited that I will be going back to Perth during next year Late March / Early April ... never thought I will be so excited going back to that boring place but recently, I been "missing" that Place ... don't know why but I got a couple of things I like to do when I am back there ... such as surfing (hopefully by then, I will have a respectable weight n figure to go surfing) and my 2nd Sky Dive : ) ...

also there are some food that i crave for in Perth ... that old Italian Pasta place, I crave their pasta and chili mussels. Joy Garden , one of the best place to eat Dim Sum and that Viet Food with the boneless Fried Chicken Wings .... and and even my old school's Satay Chicken (yeah been complaining about Asian food when I was there but hmmm the Satay Chicken there really solid siah ) ... and if I still got space, I like to stuff it with a few Jester Pies : ) and maybe Mr Samurai if it's still open ... oh oh and Freo's Fish n Chips !!! hehehe plus ICE CREAM ... (I think I will be so Fat after this Trip)

and maybe ... hopefully, I get to meet some old friends who are still staying there ... and perhaps some old ghosts from my past

the excited me went to check the cheap budget airfare and whoooooo it's $429.98 (incl Tax) with TigerAirways ... argh ... so ex ... might fly with SQ instead

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