Saturday, May 19, 2007

陳奕迅 - 淘汰

while seeking for 陳奕迅 - 好久不見 MV, I came across his track 2 ... the song that'e written by mega big star 周傑倫 Jay Chou ... didn't pay much attention but i open a spare window to load the MV to check what the big deal with this song

actually, i couldn't even figure out what the song title was about ... but lucky this video posted on youtube came with lyrics ... and while reading, listening and watching this song / MV, tho some bits didn't flow well ... it had once again hit right where it hurts ... specially the song title ... another heartfelt song from Eason

我卻得到你安慰的淘汰 - I gotten your assuring ousting

只能說我輸了 也許是你怕了
只能說我認了 你的不安贏得你信任

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