Friday, May 18, 2007

陳奕迅 - 好久不見

there are some songs that just go straight for your heart and pour out all your inner most thoughts and feelings ... while shopping with Stefan at HMV last weekend, I sampled Eason Chen's latest album and while I was able to scan n skip most track ... at this song ... track 7, it cut me from the rest of the HMV crowd ... lost in thoughts as the lyrics paint a very vivid scenario of my life that i have yet to live

then while shopping with my younger brother today and browsing thru CD Shop... he blurted out that he got this CD !!! hahaha think he must be regretting it cos I "forced" him to lend it : )

also found the mtv on the trusty youtube but hmmm was quite disappointed in the mv ... as long as u readers can hear the song : ) never mind the mv

anyway ... my fave bit of the song;

"I so very much want to meet You again
See the recent changes in You
Let's not talk about the past
Only chit chat
I will only said this to You
only this line
Long Time No See"

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