Monday, April 16, 2007

He Won BEST ACTOR !!!!

Months ago ... I made this "wishful thinking" and guess what ... HE WON !!! no he is not going to share anything with me .... don't think he even know that there a fan in Singapore that enjoyed his performance that much but hey I am very happy for him.

Was rather amused that Both Stefan and my Mom informed me about his victory ... But my HP was out of batt and I was out with fren so didnt know abt the news until so much later ... Mom saw the award ceremony and said his wife cried when he won ...
Good for him ... Finally after all this time!

Just Added: Finally Found his accepting the award vidz !
Seeing how his wife goes teary up made me feel so emotional for them too ... sticking with him thru all the crappy movies he made and even when it seems that his golden age is over ...
hehe even the MCs of the evening all said they go teary up