Friday, February 02, 2007

My Name is Fame got the Nods !!!

Yup this straight to video (or should I say VCD) in Singapore has a very special place in my heart ... it's my number 2 movie of 2006 and one that made me go teary up 3 times ... the story's nothing new n as my fren Stefan noted, the story was pretty much like the recent Korean film "Innocent Steps" but the way it tackled about the HK filming industry just nudge itself firming into my heart.

Specially Lau Qing Yun who had never won any major acting awards (citing John's review at moviexclusive). The dark guy with the acting chops but lacks the good look to stay as popular as he was when Xin Bu Liao Qing's time. The character he played and his real life were almost an exact copy and knowing that, it just made it heart wrenching for me to see his struggle in an industry that favors looks more than abilities. Also loved the underlying message that no matter how good you are, you need to put in hard work and never quit to achieve success.

I know his chance won't be that great but after watching this movie (which ended with him at the HK FILM AWARD), I secretly wished he could get a nod for the upcoming HK Film award and I even went to check out the HK Film award website to see if was My Name is Fame was overlooked ...

Imagine my happyness when I saw the nomination out today at monkeypeaches! he got the Nod for Best Actor, YU On-On for Best Supporting Actress and HUO Siyan for the Best New Performer ... the odds of them winning are not that great but hey won't it be an amazing feat if one (or three) dark horse(s) emerged from this little film that a lot of people didn't see in the cinema ?

keeping my fingers cross and hey if it came true ... u read it here first

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